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Should you get dental bridges installed?
Medford, OR

Rendering of jaw with dental bridge at Rogue Valley Dental Center in Medford, OR 97504-6213It is normal to lose your teeth. It is not the end of the world. However, staying for too long with lost teeth can be a recipe for disaster. For starters, your body considers any part of your jawbone that does not support a tooth as unnecessary. That is why your jawbone will start receding. This recession can easily spread to the other teeth with time. If you are not careful, you could lose other teeth in the process. Visiting Rogue Valley Dental Center will help you find an appropriate replacement for your lost teeth. Among the best options is to install a dental bridge.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a synthetic appliance that is meant to permanently replace your missing tooth or teeth. It is a combination of multiple pieces that can fit right into the gap in your teeth. Dental bridges are meant to serve aesthetical and practical functions by both restoring your smile and enabling you to chew and speak normally.

Different materials are used to make dental bridges, such as metallic alloys, gold, or porcelain. However, the fact that porcelain easily matches the color and appeal of natural teeth makes it one of the most commonly used dental bridge materials.

The different dental bridge types

There are four typical types of dental bridges. The first type is the conventional fixed bridge, which involves installing an artificial tooth at the gap and holding this tooth with a crown on either side. The second type is the resin-bonded bridge that is used to replace front teeth. It uses metallic or porcelain frameworks that are bonded to the back of your teeth on each side of the gap.

Third are implant-supported bridges, where implants have to first be installed into the jawbone. The bridge is then installed on these implants. This option is usually quite durable. The last type is the cantilever bridge, which is used when there is only one side of the gap containing a natural tooth. The bridge will be anchored through a crown installed on this single natural tooth.

Why install dental bridges?

Dental bridges have a lot of upsides. For starters, they prevent the recession of neighboring teeth and bone structures. They also ensure that the neighboring teeth cannot shift into the gap left by the lost teeth. You get to retain your regular speech and bite patterns. Most importantly, it prevents experiencing changes to your face as your teeth start shifting into the gap.

Are you the right candidate for dental bridges?

We need to assess a few factors before determining if you are a good candidate for dental bridges. For starters, you need to have lost at least a single tooth or multiple teeth. Your bone structure and teeth should be strong enough to support the bridge, especially if you have multiple missing teeth or want implant-supported bridges.

Lastly, you need to be committed to maintaining high oral hygiene standards. This means brushing your teeth daily, flossing often, and eating a balanced diet. The durability of your dental bridges will depend on how you take care of them.

Feel free to reach Rogue Valley Dental Center at (541) 779-4517 today to schedule a consultation.

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