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Dental Bonding
Medford, OR

A woman smiling after receiving dental bonding at Rogue Valley Dental Center in Medford, ORDental bonding is a very common cosmetic dental treatment that is used to restore teeth with very minor superficial damage or esthetic defects. It is a non-invasive and pain-free process that restores the natural appearance of your teeth and ensures you have a beautiful smile.

What is Dental Bonding?

Bonding is one of the most affordable cosmetic dental procedures. The treatment involves the application of a putty-like mixture known as composite resin, which matches the color of your natural enamel and protects the surface of your teeth.At Rogue Valley Dental Center, Dr. Taucher and Dr. Burnham we can give you a pearly white smile in a single session, thanks to a dental bonding procedure.

Application of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is used to cover, reshape, or restore the structural integrity of your teeth. Some of the most common uses of dental bonding are:
•  Hide discolored or stained teeth
•  Restore small chips in the enamel
•  Lengthen teeth, especially front teeth, that are disproportionately short
•  Cover up an exposed tooth root from damage
•  Close minor gaps between teeth
•  Shape or fix the appearance of a crooked or twisted tooth

The major advantages of dental bonding is that it does not involve eroding a large amount of enamel and is finished in a short amount of time, typically in about half an hour or less, depending on the number of teeth that need to be treated.

What Does a Dental Bonding Procedure Involve?

A dental bonding procedure does not require any preparation in advance, unlike veneers or crown placement. Dr. Taucher and Dr. Burnham will perform the procedure under local anesthesia, although the chances of any pain are very small. We will first scrape off a small amount of enamel from the surface of your teeth so that the composite resin will easily be able to adhere to the rough surface. We will then apply dental cement to the surface of your teeth and apply the composite resin in layers.A blue UV light will then be used to harden the resin to the tooth. If there is any excess material, we will trim it off and then polish your tooth until it gleams like your natural teeth.

Benefits of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding comes with many benefits:
•  Unlike veneers or crown placement that require multiple sessions to complete and which have restorations that need to be created in a dental lab, dental bonding procedures are completed in one session in less than an hour.
•  Dental bonding is good for your dental health as well as it does not require the removal of a large amount of tooth structure.
•  Since enamel erosion is small, the dental bonding process is reversible and will allow you to restore the appearance of your teeth some other way, or even go without any restoration at all for some time.
•  It is one of the most affordable cosmetic dental processes.

Keep in mind, though, that dental bonding is only effective for teeth with esthetic and superficial issues. It cannot treat complex issues like cavities, crossbites, or large gaps. In addition, the composite resin is not as strong as natural tooth enamel and will chip off in a few years, which means you will need to get a dental restoration procedure performed on your teeth again. To make sure your dental bonding lasts for a long time, we advise you to not put too much pressure on it, or consume highly pigmented food and/or tobacco that leads to staining. Since dental bonding is a very safe procedure with no side effects, many people prefer this procedure. If you have a defect or minor damage to your teeth, call (541) 779-4517 today to schedule an appointment with us. We offer a variety of cosmetic dental services like teeth whitening, dental veneers and more.

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At Rogue Valley Dental Center, Dr. Taucher and Dr. Burnham can give you a pearly white smile in a single session, thanks to a dental bonding procedure.
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