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Wisdom Teeth Extraction Recovery Time And Post-Op Care

Posted on 10/10/2022 by Evan
Wisdom Teeth Extraction Recovery Time And Post-Op CareIt takes 2 to five days to resume normal life after an extraction. However, for full recovery, it can take like two weeks. During the first week, it is possible you will have pain and swelling around the face as well as the jaw area. In the first days, pain is acute and dissipates after the second or third day. You need to follow the instructions a dentist provides you after the procedure in order to hasten the recovery time.

Soon After Extraction

You should take some generalized steps to ensure a pleasant recovery time and minimize overall swelling. Rest is imperative, so ensure you get as much rest as you can during the first week. Try to avoid stress or high activity during the first two days. Again, you can use cold packs or ice that you place on the face, it helps combat pain and relief swelling. A dentist may suggest you use mouthwash to clear the area of bacteria. Moreover, don't do any heavy rinsing, ensure you do it gently, and don't use straws. It is paramount that you continue brushing the remaining teeth as you usually do. After the extraction of wisdom teeth, a dentist may prescribe medication to ease the pain. Use the medication as advised.

What Foods to Consume After Extraction

Eat easy-to-chew foods. On the first day, you can stick with soups and yogurt. Thereafter, mix in easily chewable foods such as rice, spaghetti, and mashed potatoes. Ice can offer relief too. Spices and hard-to-chew foods can cause pain and discomfort, so avoid them. Lastly, avoid using straws since they can displace the healing clot, causing a dry socket or a void that takes time to heal.

Contact us if you want your wisdom teeth extracted. We use sedation dentistry and anesthesia to numb you. So don't be afraid of the extraction as you won't feel pain.

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