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Posted on 8/8/2022 by Evan
HyperparathyroidismAccording to experts, hyperparathyroidism is a condition where the parathyroid glands overproduce the hormone parathyroid. Parathyroid glands are located in the neck and are responsible for producing the parathyroid hormone, which regulates calcium in the body.

When you consume too much calcium, the parathyroid hormone breaks down the excess calcium, balancing the calcium levels in the body. Hyperparathyroidism results in the breakdown of the essential minerals for maintaining strong bones and teeth. If left unattended, this condition may lead to osteoporosis and loss of teeth. Women than men more commonly experience this condition.


Several reasons may cause hyperparathyroidism. One of the primary causes is complications affecting the parathyroid glands, such as gland enlargement.
The secondary cause is related to underlying conditions such as kidney failure. This condition results in a drop in the calcium levels in the body. As a result, the parathyroid glands overproduce the parathyroid hormone to balance calcium levels.

The tertiary cause of hyperparathyroidism occurs when the underlying disease causing it, such as kidney failure, is treated and the kidney is replaced with a better one, but the parathyroid glands become unable to revert to the average production of the parathyroid hormone and hence continue producing hormone production in excess.


Our dentists will detect hyperparathyroidism after observing mouth ulcers that are usually swollen, red, or brown oral tumors. Such early symptoms of hyperparathyroidism can only be detected when you make regular dental visits. Therefore, we must make appointments with our practice to detect conditions that threaten your dental health early.

We recommend the removal of the parathyroid glands if the calcium levels cannot be brought back to normal. Contact us now and schedule your appointment today.

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