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Alcohol and Its Effects On The Teeth

Posted on 7/4/2022 by Evan
Alcohol and Its Effects On The TeethExcessive alcohol intake is harmful not only to your general health but also to your normal dental conditions. Below are some of the issues that alcohol can do to your oral health.

Fuel development of cavity-causing bacteria

Many alcoholic drinks contain carbohydrates and sugar, fertile grounds that cause cavity-causing bacteria to grow. Bacteria present in the mouth feed on these carbohydrates, and once the carbohydrates are digested, they emit acids as their by-product. The acid weakens, softens, and slowly eats away the tooth enamel. Acid is the bacteria's mechanism of action, and when one feeds on more carbohydrates, the acid is produced, leading to more cavities.

Alcohol leaves Acidic pH in the mouth.

All alcoholic drinks are acidic and have a low pH value. Alcoholic drinks and other acidic drinks bring down the whole pH levels in the mouth to an acidic range. The oral environment created in the mouth does not fight back the acid attack, contributing to the enamel weakening. Acidic conditions in the mouth make it easier for the bacteria to thrive and damage the tooth enamel.

Alcohol results in dry mouth

Alcohol creates dry conditions which are unhealthy for your mouth. Saliva is vital in the mouth since it helps lubricate the soft tissues inside the mouth, fight the bacteria, and kicks off the digestion process. Consumption of alcohol dehydrates and dries the mouth causing dental plaque. The overall acidic pH decreases due to a lack of saliva resulting in the development of cavities. Additionally, a lack of saliva in the mouth facilitates bacteria to thrive on the surfaces of the teeth.

Stained teeth

Some alcoholic beverages with deep hues like sangria and red wine cause stains and discoloration on the teeth, impacting people's self-esteem. Permanent teeth stains may be caused by long-term alcohol consumption. The chromogens in beverages bind on the tooth enamel that has been compromised by the acid in alcohol, hence staining the teeth. Our medical centers have specialized dentists if you need more information on the alcohol implications to your dental health. Contact us now and schedule a consultation with us.

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