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What are the Four Types of Teeth

Posted on 7/18/2022 by Evan
What are the Four Types of TeethUnderstanding your dental formula and the functions of your teeth can help you take care of your oral health. The human mouth has four main types of teeth. Each type performs a specific role. Some of the teeth are more active than others but they are all important and should be protected at all costs. The four types of teeth and their functions are as follows:


Incisors are the front-most teeth in the mouth. They have flat edges designed for shearing or cutting. An adult with a normal dental formula should have four uppers and four lower incisors. These teeth are important since they are used to bite foods. They are also decorative and are used for smiling.


Canines are the second type of teeth and come immediately after the incisors. They are the longest and are sharp and pointed in nature. They are vital to human beings since they are used for tearing tough foods such as meat. A normal human being with full teeth should have four canines.


Premolars are the third type of human teeth, coming just after canines and before molars. They get their name from their position next to molars. Premolars are transitional in nature and hence they have features of both canines and molars. They are wide but with sharp edges. They are primarily used for grinding foods.


Molars are the furthest teeth in the mouth and are the ones to grow. They are large, wide, and flat teeth primarily used to chew and grind foods. Molars tend to grow in their teenage years.

Ideally, the above four types of teeth are all necessary based on the roles they play. Thankfully, you can easily take care of your teeth by taking care of them. Regular washing, flossing, and avoiding sweet foods will do.
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