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Signs You Need a Root Canal

Posted on 4/25/2022 by Evan
Signs You Need a Root CanalRoot canals help repair and save a tooth that has become badly infected or decayed. It can be challenging to know if you need a root canal, especially during the early stages of an oral problem. The physical symptoms often don't start until later after the issue advances. Therefore, it is paramount to visit a dentist regularly for examinations and checkups. Signs of a root canal treatment are:

Persistent Pain

If you are experiencing excruciating pain that doesn't seem to go away, it could indicate damage to the root of the tooth. If you have problems drinking or eating without pain, you need to see our dentist ASAP. The dentist will check the aching tooth to find out if the blood vessels and nerves are inflamed due to an infection. The dentist may administer antibiotics to fix the infection or a root canal may be done to ease the pain.

Dark Discoloration

A discolored tooth may be due to poor hygiene, staining from drinks and food, or as a result of nerve damage underneath the surface of a tooth. If your tooth's nerves and blood vessels are damaged, a dentist may consider a root canal to get rid of the damaged root.

Sensitivity to Cold and Heat

A tooth that begins to ache when you drink something hot like coffee or tea could mean you have an infection inside the tooth. What begins as a dull ache may progress into a sharp, extreme pain. Also, pain may occur when you drink cold beverages or eat cold food. If you consume ice and tend to avoid crunching on a particular side of the mouth to avert painful teeth, you may blame this on damaged blood vessels as well as nerve endings. Don't panic if you have an issue that needs a root canal. Visit our dental team for examination and treatment.

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