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What Do Sealants Do?

Posted on 3/7/2022 by Evan
What Do Sealants Do?Sealants are thin, plastic coatings that dentists apply to the chewing surfaces of teeth to protect them from dental decay, particularly in permanent molars. Over time, plaque and other substances stick to the teeth, causing bacteria to form and release acid, which leads to tooth decay and cavities. By applying sealants to teeth at regular intervals throughout childhood and adolescence, children can develop fewer cavities, which will prevent dental issues.

How Do Dental Sealants Work?

You can always find sealants in your dentist's office, and they work by sealing off parts of your teeth that you would normally brush off with a toothbrush. If these areas become exposed to harmful bacteria and sugars, it is easier for them to rot your teeth away. By using sealants, you are helping keep those areas from being exposed in a way that increases their risk of destruction. The process for placing sealants is quick, efficient, and painless. So if you are looking for ways to prevent dental problems in yourself or your family members, now is as good a time to get a dental sealant from your dentist.

Are Dental Sealants Safe?

Sealants are generally safe and are not too difficult to apply. They last five to seven years, at which point they need to be replaced. In addition, there is a very low risk of allergic reaction or tooth sensitivity, and when these problems occur, they tend to be mild. Some people have an issue with feeling rough in their mouth after applying a dental sealant. This is normal and resolves over time as your enamel wears down naturally. You should always ask your dentist any questions you have about dental sealants and keep in mind that your dentist might not use them on you. He may recommend other dental work, depending on your dental condition.

Improve Your Teeth Today

If you are looking for a professional dentist to install sealants in your teeth, visit our clinic today. You can also call us for more information.
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