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Can Mouthwash Solve Halitosis?

Posted on 12/23/2021 by Evan
Can Mouthwash Solve Halitosis?Ever struggled with bad breath that didn't go away even after brushing your teeth? Well, halitosis is a dental condition that presents itself as an unattractive odor from the patient's mouth, which is usually ruled out as “bad breath.” Whether you take a handful of mints or mouthwash, halitosis is not something that can quickly disappear and usually signifies an underlying severe oral condition.

Causes of Halitosis

Quick fixes to bad breath usually last for a short while, and then you are back to dealing with lousy odor, which can be frustrating. Dental experts view halitosis as an indicator of something more severe in the body. One common cause of bad breath includes pockets from gum disease and cavities, which provide a place for bacteria to hide. These areas are usually inaccessible by an ordinary toothbrush or mouthwash, and that's why scheduling regular appointments with a dentist is recommended.

Another reason for bad breath is when an individual has a mouth, nose, and throat infection. If you are experiencing a throat, sinus, and nose issue, it can contribute to bad breath. As your body battles a sinus infection, it produces a lot of mucus which the bacteria feeds on, resulting in a foul odor from your mouth.

A dry mouth is another reason why people experience bad breath despite brushing their teeth. Saliva is vital for many body functions, especially breaking down food and providing critical substances that prevent cavities. However, lack of sufficient saliva contributes to halitosis.

Handling Halitosis

It is vital to adhere to a strict dental routine as soon as you notice a foul smell that prevents plaque buildup and cavities development. You could also result in taking a lot of water or cutting back on caffeine and smoking. If the foul odor persists, then it is time you consider speaking to a dental expert. A dentist conducts a thorough assessment before ruling out any dental complication, which helps you seek help from a specialist if necessary.
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