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3 Reasons Why Tooth Extraction Is Important

Medford, OR
Posted on 2/8/2021 by Dr. Burnham
Image of a dentist showing a patient as to why tooth extraction is important at Rogue Valley Dental Center.Toothaches are excruciating. Not to mention that it results in headaches as well. Toothaches are caused by inflammation arising from the central section of your tooth known as pulp. There are nerve endings in that section that are sensitive and react to pain easily. The cause of this inflammation can be an infection, dental cavities, and even trauma. It will most often result in throbbing pain and this is where our professionals can help.

Reasons You Need Extraction

If your tooth is severely damaged in an accident or an injury and there is a risk of infection to your gums or bones, our professionals will recommend extraction to protect your mouth and quicken the healing process. This is only in case of severe injuries where it is impossible to save the tooth. It may also be needed in cases where most of the tooth above the gum breaks off leaving only the root in your gum. A crown or a cap cannot be placed over this area since the remaining portion of the tooth is below the gum. This leaves only one alternative that is extraction.

If you suffer from periodontal disease and there is a risk of the infection reaching your bone, our professionals will recommend extracting your tooth to get to the extraction on time. This happens only when the infection is severely spread and is not the most common cause of tooth extraction.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

On average, at least 8 out of 10 adults go through this procedure in their life. A wisdom tooth seldom grows out straight and causes a lot of discomfort. The best way to prevent infections, inflammations, or tooth decay from occurring is to extract the wisdom tooth.

Schedule an Appointment

Tooth extractions may seem like a painful procedure but it is not. Our professionals keep your comfort as a priority while performing the procedure. If you are looking to extract a tooth for any reason, visit and contact us at (541) 779-4517 and we will be glad to help.
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