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Do Fluoride Supplements Prevent Cavities in Adults?

Posted on 1/11/2021 by Dr. Burnham
Do Fluoride Supplements Prevent Cavities in Adults?If you are an adult with a tendency toward dental decay, you may wonder if you will benefit from fluoride supplementation. The following information will provide details about this type of dental protection.

Do Fluoride Supplements Help Adult Dental Patients?

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), it is best to provide fluoride supplementation for children 6 to 16 years old, who do not get enough fluoride in their community water supply. The ADA adds that fluoride can be delivered either systemically or topically. Systemic fluoride treatments involve ingesting fluoride so it adds to developing tooth structures. Topical fluoride strengthens teeth that have fully emerged, making them more resistant to decay. Fluoride that is self-applied includes mouthwashes, gels, and toothpastes. Professional fluoride applications feature products, such as higher-fluoride gels, foams, and rinses as well as silver diamine fluoride and fluoride varnishes. Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) often is recommended for people who have special health needs or mobility issues that make it difficult for them to regularly brush and floss. It has recently been introduced in the U.S.

How to Figure Out Your Fluoride Needs as an Adult

If you are an adult, you usually will not need fluoride supplementation in the form of lozenges or dosed supplements. However, you can benefit from using fluoride in your mouthwash or toothpaste. If you are prone to decay, we often recommend that you schedule more visits for professional cleanings, fluoride treatments and exams to support a regular oral care routine at home. By scheduling an appointment for a consultation, we can determine how to best support your fluoride needs for any special oral health requirements. While you want to protect your teeth against cavities, you can get adequate protection by brushing twice a day with an ADA-approved fluoride toothpaste and from receiving regular fluoride treatments every 3 or 6 months. Most dental insurance plans will pay for fluoride treatments.

If you have not had a professional cleaning, fluoride treatment, a dental exam in the last 6 months, schedule an appointment now. We want you to experience fewer incidences of decay. That is why we emphasize regularly scheduled appointments for exams and cleanings.

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