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Your Makeup Could Impact How White Your Teeth Appear

Posted on 12/21/2020 by Dr. Burnham
Your Makeup Could Impact How White Your Teeth AppearSometimes the foundation we put on our face or our lipstick can enhance or degrade the look of our smile. To find out how this can happen, read the following tips about applying makeup so it brightens your smile.

How Can Makeup Make Our Teeth Look Yellow?

Sometimes, the wrong lipstick can make your teeth less than white and bright. The same can be said of a foundation or the type of eye makeup you wear. The following information will help you apply makeup, so it complements your smile.

What to Wear in a Lip Color or Blush

Needless to say, everyone wants a white smile. However, it does take some whitening solutions some time to work. While you can remove deep-set stains just below the surface of teeth with a whitening toothpaste, you can also look in your cosmetic bag for help along these lines. Because a lip color draws out certain tones and hues in the skin, it can also be used so you can put forth a whiter and brighter smile. That means avoiding lip colors that have a yellowish, goldish, or orange undertone, as these colors can make the teeth look yellow. The best shade to use in a lipstick is one with bluish undertones. Colors with this hue include blue-toned plum or cherry red. If you don't wear lipstick, choose a silver gloss with a hint of pink. You also have to consider the color of the blush you use. Typically, it is better to choose a bright pink over a peach or orange blush. To brighten the teeth, sweep the blush along your cheekbones as well as the perimeter of the face.

What to Use on the Eyes

If your teeth are not exactly sparkling white, you can draw attention away from the face by using the right color eyeshadow. Use a darker, blue-toned shadow, which provides a contrast between the teeth and eyes. Choose a navy shadow over brown or grey shadows and line the eyes with a plum-colored eyeliner to bring out the white in your teeth. Never wear any shadow that has an orange tone. Finish the look with a mascara in navy or black.

Besides wearing the right makeup colors, you can whiten your teeth by removing surface stains with an ADA-approved toothpaste. Talk to us about professional in-office whitening. By knowing which makeup colors complement your skin tone and teeth, you can enjoy immediate results while working on a longer-term teeth whitening solution. Give us a call about scheduling an in-office whitening today.

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