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3 Reasons to Never Share a Toothbrush

Posted on 10/5/2020 by Dr. Burnham
3 Reasons to Never Share a ToothbrushSharing a toothbrush is a bad idea for many reasons. The mouth is often where bacterial and viral infections begin, as we breathe in these germs and allow them to enter our body. This is one of the reasons, amongst many, why sharing a toothbrush can lead to consequences, not only within the oral cavity, but in the rest of the body as well. If you find yourself in a situation where you do not have your own toothbrush, but need to brush your teeth, it can be more hygienic to wait until you do have access to your own toothbrush, or use mouthwash/toothpaste on its own until your next oral clean.

Why Sharing a Toothbrush is Bad for Your Health

The most obvious reason sharing a toothbrush is a bad idea is because it spreads bacteria. If a person is suffering from an infection, it is likely to linger on their toothbrush. In effect, they will be transferring the germs from their body to yours via the toothbrush. Even if they are not currently suffering from an infection, toothbrushes can still transfer other bacteria, such as the bacteria that causes tooth decay.

Periodontitis, a severe but common form of gum disease, can spread from one individual to another via a toothbrush. One of the most damaging aspects of periodontitis is that it can be incurable. The disease can not only affect your gums and teeth, but can have an effect on the rest of your body.

A toothbrush also collects debris from the mouth that the individual is trying to clean out. This includes fungi, old food and plaque. This can cause yeast infections in the person borrowing the toothbrush, and be unproductive in cleaning their teeth. While you may be cleaning your own teeth with their toothbrush, you will also be adding alien bacteria and substances to your mouth, substances that could do potential harm to your oral cavity. To learn how to decrease the chances of oral infection, contact our office now.
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