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What Are The Signs That My Child May Need A Frenectomy?

Posted on 11/15/2023 by Andrew Admin
Smiling boy with missing tooth, at Medford, OR.The frenulum is a band of tissue that connects the upper or lower lip to the gums, and a Frenectomy is a surgical treatment in which a tiny section of this frenulum is removed. Local anesthetic is usually used for the procedure, which a periodontist or oral surgeon performs. The surgeon will cut away the extra skin and fat during the operation. In most cases, the process takes little time and causes little discomfort.

Signs Your Child May Need A Frenectomy

Consultation with an oral surgeon, dentist, or pediatrician is the best approach to deciding if your child needs a frenectomy. Your child's condition will be assessed, possible therapies will be discussed, and a frenectomy may be recommended. If these connections are overly tight, a frenectomy might be performed to free up more space in the mouth. This treatment may be necessary if a youngster has difficulty latching and failing to thrive.

This operation can be necessary for your kid if they have trouble nursing, using a bottle to feed themselves, or if their lip or tongue sticks out when talking or resting. A frenectomy may enhance oral function by removing the limitation caused by the frenum. This restriction can prevent the tongue from moving freely, make eating difficult, and impede other functions. On the other hand, a frenectomy may enhance speech by increasing the tongue's range of motion and removing any speech difficulties associated with the condition.

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