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Is It Possible For Wisdom Teeth To Grow Back?

Posted on 10/15/2023 by Weo Admin
Rendering of lower jaw with highlighted wisdom teeth at Rogue Valley Dental CenterWisdom teeth are problem-causing teeth that appear at the incorrect time. They are a significant cause of numerous issues, so dentists frequently recommend their removal. However, the pressing question is: can extracted wisdom teeth grow back?

Wisdom Teeth Cannot Grow Back Once Extracted

It is physiologically impossible for a tooth to grow back after it has been taken. Unlike our epidermis or nails, our teeth lack regeneration capabilities. Behind them, you may have annoying supernumerary teeth; what are they? These deceptive molars appear directly behind or alongside our wisdom teeth. The supernumerary teeth are typically smaller than the wisdom teeth, making them difficult to detect. They emerge from tooth buds that are usually less apparent than conventional teeth.

People may claim that their wisdom teeth grew back after they were extracted; however, this is untrue; the teeth they are referring to are supernumerary teeth that were concealed behind their third molars and were disregarded or overlooked the first time. Hyperdontia is the condition of possessing additional teeth. In most cases, this condition does not necessitate treatment. However, some patients may need their excess teeth extracted to avoid further complications.

If you have excess teeth in your mouth, you should notify your dentist if you experience symptoms such as pain, puffiness, discomfort, or lethargy. Extra teeth can displace regular teeth, causing pain and infection as well as hindering normal teeth development.

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