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3 Common Oral Issues in Kids

Posted on 5/22/2023 by Evan
3 Common Oral Issues in KidsEvery parent does their best to give their kids the best life. You promise to go the extra mile to ensure your kids are safe and happy. For this reason, you make each day special for them. You are always ready to ensure they are healthy and immediately act whenever they develop a fever. However, few parents are mindful of their kids' oral health. Like adults, taking care of your kids' oral hygiene is crucial. Dentists recommend beginning this practice from day one. If you fail, you can expect your kid to suffer from all sorts of oral health issues. Some of the common oral issues in kids are:


Many parents like offering their kids sugary food and treats. When you offer your kids such items, you need to ensure they brush their teeth. Failing to do this provides a perfect ground for cavities. The food particles form plaque that eats away at your kids' teeth' enamel. This creates a hole that can affect inner tooth tissues. The cavities are painful, and you need to prevent them through good oral practices.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Baby bottle tooth decay is a cavity type common to toddlers and infants. The condition occurs due to long-lasting feedings before naptime and bedtime. The sugars from breast milk and formula stick to the kids' teeth. Since the kid is sleeping, saliva production is low. This scenario allows sugar to convert into acid and start eating the teeth' enamel. Cleaning the kids' teeth after each feeding session and refraining from giving them bottles to sleep are the best ways to prevent baby bottle decay.

Bad Breath

Like in adults, poor oral hygiene in infants can lead to bad breath. However, your kid can have this problem due to other issues such as ENT, sinus, or dehydration.

While your kids can have any of the above common oral issues, you should consider improving their oral hygiene. If the problem persists, you should consider visiting our dental offices. Our pediatric dentists are ready to help you deal with any oral issues in your kids.
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