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Invisalign vs other clear aligner therapy

Posted on 3/20/2023 by Evan
Invisalign vs other clear aligner therapyInvisalign is an orthodontic treatment for teeth straightening by the use of clear aligners on the top and bottom teeth. The aligners will shift to the teeth and will straighten teeth, you need to wear the aligners for about 22 hours a day so that you will have straight teeth. The dentist comes up with the best treatment plan on how often you wear the aligners, and you might switch to a new set of aligners depending on how the teeth are straightening.

If you are thinking about straightening your teeth we have the best options to discuss with you that will fit your needs. Our dental team will guide you on the aligners to use on you to straighten the teeth.

Treatment Options

There is full Invisalign which is common and where it offers excellent results for it treats the entire mouth. The full Invisalign deals with malocclusions from mild to severe. Such malocclusions are gaps, crowding, crossbite, and overbites. When you have these clear aligners ensure that you still visit the dentist. You will wear a retain after Invisalign treatment this is because the retainer maintains the alignment of teeth
The clear aligners need to be changed over time and, this depends on how severe the straightening needed to be. This will also determine how many aligners you will have. Our dental team will determine all these after examining them to see the extent of malocclusion that you have. Invisalign is meant to give you straight teeth and you will still need to observe oral hygiene even when you have undergone Invisalign treatment.

Our dental team is ready to give you a bright and confident smile. Give us a call to discuss your options for a straight smile with our expert dental team. We want to help you with your oral health needs.
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