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Enamel Erosion: What Is It?

Posted on 2/20/2023 by Evan
Enamel Erosion: What Is It?It's worth listening to if your dentist has brought up the topic of enamel erosion to you. The calcified, hard tissue that covers the teeth is called enamel, and it shields against the things that we eat and drink and protects the teeth from cavity formation. When the white part of your teeth wears away, a yellowish color will appear.

How Enamel Wears Away

Although enamel is a hard shield, it has a significant weakness which is its pH. Enamel has a pH of 5.5 and is made of carbonated calcium hydroxyapatite. Your saliva helps replace phosphate and calcium ions lost and neutralize acids and maintain the pH. But in cases where your mouth's saliva can't keep up with the acids present, enamel erosion can occur. Even though enamel is strong, it can wear away. Once it wears away and is gone, there is no way to bring it back. Enamel cant regenerate or heal itself because it has no living cells. Once enamel is gone, the nerves can become exposed in the middle of your teeth and make them sensitive to the cold and hot stuff you eat and drink. If it goes untreated, the loss of enamel can lead to the loss of your teeth.

What Contributes to Enamel Loss

Often, enamel erosion is caused by your diet. If you're eating a balanced and healthy diet, enamel erosion shouldn't be present. But some of the biggest causes of enamel erosion are sweet tea, sports drinks, and sodas. The acid found in these drinks can wear down your teeth' enamel quickly. For some, enamel erosion can be caused by vomiting or acid reflux. These two conditions expose stomach acid to the teeth and cause enamel pitting. Many people don't even notice that enamel erosion is happening, but a dentist can do an examination and see where enamel erosion is present. It's essential to make a dentist appointment if you experience enamel erosion symptoms such as sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks or discolored teeth. Even though enamel erosion can't be reversed, specific lifestyle changes and certain dental products and procedures can help treat it.
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