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Implications of Acidic Beverages to My Teeth

Posted on 2/6/2023 by Evan
Implications of Acidic Beverages to My TeethMany people love sodas and other acidic beverages for refreshments. However, these drinks possess huge health hazards to your enamel. The enamel is the outer covering shell of your teeth and protects you from dental problems but is eroded by consuming acidic beverages over time. Remember, teeth erosion occurs permanently; unfortunately, the enamel does not repair itself since it's a dead cell.

Erosion of the Teeth

The enamel is the hard, outer covering of the teeth which protects the sensitive inner parts, the dentin and the pulp areas from external damage. When you drink acidic drinks, the acids wear out the enamel, exposing the nerve endings and the pulp to bacteria-causing cavities. You may feel pain and discomfort during your regular chores due to dental infections.

Tooth Discoloration

The acidic contents in the sodas and refreshments drink most people drink lead to the discoloration of the teeth damaging one's ideal smile and appearance. You don't want that do you? The stained teeth are susceptible to other dental problems.

Sensitive Teeth

Once your outer covering, the enamel is washed away by the acids, and the inner parts of the teeth are exposed. The dentin and the nerve endings, to be precise. Remember, teeth's nerve endings are one of the body's most sensitive parts. When you eat, the food comes into contact with your exposed inner parts, resulting in pain and sensitivity.

Your Teeth Become Susceptible to Cavities

Bacteria are kept at bay by the enamel from infecting the inner tissues. Hence the implications of the enamel mean they have a free way to invade the teeth. The net result is the formation of cavities which affects the pulp and the teeth's roots and may result in tooth loss.

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